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Ripe, refined cherry and red berry fruit underscored by distinct impressions of mushrooms, leather and anise lead into this wine's elegantly textured palate, set in a structure of finely tuned tannins and fresh acidity.

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The grape mutates easily, and therefore has many clones. The most notable being Brunello, of Brunello di Montalcino fame. Sangiovese is a slow growing, late ripening grape. It has high acidity and a thin skin, which makes it difficult to master. If not cared for correctly, the grape will produce a wine overly acidic with unripe fruit flavors. When pruned judiciously and picked at the right time, Sangiovese produces wines with delicious structure and fruit - and a mean backbone of acidity. This acidity makes it perfect to drink with any tomato-based dish, as well as many types of foods, particularly Italian style.

The principal grape of Chianti - in fact, the principle grape of all of Tuscany - has had a troublesome past. Chianti may give thoughts of cheap read wine from a straw casked bottle, only drunk for the decorative candle holder it becomes. But no more. Sangiovese and Chianti have made a comeback and the wines produced with the grape are delicious in texture and flavor, and of course, perfect for food pairing.

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